Korea Business Insights Weekend Read 3: Shinhwa

Korea business
Korea business insights. In addition to a number of books, case studies and commentaries I’ve written several short articles that give snapshots into Korea business.

This week it’s a storyline strongly tied to the Hyundai Motor Group.  That said, it’s also very relevant for all engaged and interested in Korea facing business as I provide some deep insights into Korea business DNA. 

The Hyundai Galloper Shinhwa, Myth and Legend
With the introduction of Genesis, the Hyundai Motor Group’s premium luxury car division as well as Kia Motors’ Niro and Hyundai Motor’s Nexo, all part of an expanded model lineup of FCEV, hybrid and electric vehicles, many in the industry see these as bold moves by the Hyundai Motor Group and it leadership. 
More so, the Group has joined in a number of high profile technology partnerships and committed billions over the next few years to mobility, AI, and autonomous vehicles. Actually, it is but the latest chapter in a story and a legacy reaching back decades. 
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